Massachusetts Jails and Prisons

There are several jails and prisons in Massachusetts in which defendants may be held after being arrested and awaiting trial, or while serving a sentence. Massachusetts jails and prisons can have varying visiting hours and information. This page is designed to link you to helpful information for each jail or prison in the state. These links will provide you with information regarding visiting hours, mailing addresses, bail information, bail reviews (bail reductions), and how to post bail.

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Ash Street Jail (New Bedford Jail, Bristol County Jail)

Barnstable County Jail (Bourne Jail)

Bay State Correctional Center (Norfolk, MA Jail)

Berkshire County Jail and House of Corrections (Pittsfield Jail, Berkshire HOC)

Boston Pre-Release Center

Bridgewater State Hospital

Bristol County Jail and House of Corrections (North Dartmouth Jail, Bristol County HOC)

Bristol County Juvenile Detention Center

Bristol County Women’s Center

Cambridge Jail (Middlesex County Jail)

Cedar Junction (MCI Cedar Junction, Walpole Prison)

Concord Prison (MCI Concord, Concord State Prison)

Dedham Jail (Dedham House of Corrections, Norfolk County Jail, Norfolk County House of Corrections, Dedham Prison, Dedham HOC)

Dukes County Jail (Edgartown Jail, Martha’s Vineyard Jail)

Essex County Correctional Facility (Essex County Jail, Essex County House of Corrections, Middleton Jail)

Framingham Jail (MCI Framingham, Framingham Women’s Facility, Framingham Women’s Prison)

Franklin County Jail and House of Corrections (Greenfield Jail, Franklin HOC)

Hampden County Jail (Ludlow Jail)

Hampshire County Jail (Hampshire County House of Corrections, Northampton Jail)

Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Correctional Unit)

Lowell Jail (Middlesex County Jail)

Massachusetts Treatment Center (Bridgewater Treatment Center)

Middlesex County House of Corrections (Billerica Jail)

Nantucket County Jail (Nantucket Jail)

Nashua Street Jail (Boston Jail, Boston Prison, Suffolk County Jail)

Norfolk Prison (MCI Norfolk)

North Central Correctional Institution (Gardner Jail, North Central Correctional Institution at Gardner)

Northeastern Correctional Center

Old Colony Correctional Center (Old Colony Jail)

Plymouth County Correctional Facility (Plymouth County Jail, Plymouth County House of Corrections)

Plymouth Prison (MCI Plymouth, South Carver Prison)

Pondville Correctional Center

Shirley Prison (MCI Shirley)

Somerville Jail (Washington Street Jail, Middlesex County Jail)

Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center (Souza-Baranowki Jail)

Suffolk County House of Corrections (Boston House of Corrections, Bradston Street Jail, Suffolk HOC)

Worcester County Jail and House of Corrections (West Boylston Jail, Worcester House of Corrections)