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https://ekglawyers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/slide4-300x200.jpgServing Massachusetts with integrity, excellence and compassion, the attorneys of Eisenstadt, Krippendorf and Galvin bring more than 35 years of combined experience in achieving the most successful outcomes for all kinds of cases and legal matters. Working tirelessly for the best resolution: you can place your faith in our team of qualified attorneys.

When legal matters arise in your life, you will want to fight back with an experienced and aggressive attorney at law by your side. The attorney you hire can mean the difference in you winning or losing your case.

We focus on the following practice areas:

We take your trust seriously and pride ourselves on our ability to assess our clients on an individual, case-by-case basis, so that you can be assured in knowing you have the best in the business on your side.

Criminal Attorneys for Criminal Defense

When your freedom is on the line, we possess the skills and toughness to leave no litigational stone unturned. When equipping for any legal battle, the attorney that you choose is vital to you seeing a realistic outcome to your case.

Experience makes an enormous difference in this regard, and can mean the difference between your case being dismissed, the charges being reduced or dropped and leniency being granted to first time offenders. As former criminal prosecutors—our lawyers are very familiar with the laws and the processes that the state will use to prosecute you. It’s this invaluable trial experience that we use in your favor when representing you. We work diligently from the beginning to the bang of the gavel.

Schedule your free phone consultation with our criminal lawyers at Eisenstadt, Krippendorf & Galvin, LLP  by filling out our confidential contact form or by calling 24/7 to get live help at (617) 523-3500 right now.

White Collar Crimes

Crimes that involve fraud – which can range between things like real estate fraud, money laundering, investment fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, security fraud and others – are generally referred to as “white collar crimes.” Since there is no physically harmed victim, such crimes have been earmarked with this nomenclature. They are still very serious felonies that can result in state and in federal charges that will require an experienced attorney at law to defend your rights.  Call our criminal attorneys at (617)523-3500 today.

Felony Crimes

Felony crimes of any sort are very serious offenses. They most often carry specific punishments that many times can include jail or prison time. When mediated in advance by experienced lawyers, jail or prison time can, in many cases, be avoided with a lesser sentence, plea bargain or an outright dismissal of charges.

As former criminal prosecutors, we are well familiar with the best of strategies to utilize in your defense in these felony situations. Call our criminal attorneys at (617)523-3500 today.

Drug Crimes

When facing charges over drug crimes, there are many options that you have as far as your legal defense is concerned. As former criminal prosecutors, we have seen just about every type of drug charge imaginable. After being on the other side of the courtroom for years upon end, we are well acclimated to every tactic, strategy and trick that the state will use to gain a conviction. We also know how to expose weakness in the state’s case against you by using our own finely honed strategy. We will represent you with integrity, compassion and understanding while using our vast trial experience to gain a favorable outcome that’s to your benefit. Call our criminal attorneys at (617)523-3500 today.

Criminal Attorneys for DUI/DWI/OUI’s

Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs or controlled substances can result in very serious charges being levied against you.

Operating a water vessel or heavy machinery under such influences can also lead to serious charges. If you are facing any form of DUI/DWI/OUI, make sure that you contact an attorney immediately to learn more about your legal options.

The sooner that you have an experienced attorney at law representing you—the faster that you can move forwards in getting the matter settled and put behind you. Call (617)523-3500 today.

Probation Violations

If you are a previous offender with an already existing conviction on your criminal record and you have violated your probation resulting in incarceration, our lawyers can help.

Probation violations are serious offenses but can be mediated in many cases with lesser penalties that don’t involve you serving prison or jail time. In order to reach such a positive outcome in your favor, however, you will require a highly experienced attorney at law to represent your interests during such matters. We’ll use our decades of combined criminal defense experience, including being former criminal prosecutors, to negotiate on your behalf so you can retain your freedom and maintain your probation requirements. Call (617)523-3500 today.

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Legal matters can seem to be overbearing and stressful at times. Whether you are facing civil legal matters like a divorce or personal injury lawsuit or are facing more serious criminal charges and infractions—the experienced lawyers at Eisenstadt, Krippendorf & Galvin, LLP based in Canton, Braintree, Brockton, Millis and Medfield are here to help. You can expect to be treated with respect, dignity and due-diligence when working with our Massachusetts attorneys. We know how important your case is to you and your family, which is why we tirelessly fight for your rights. We recognize what these legal matters mean to our clients, how significant they are to their lives and how difficult they can truly be.  It is our calling to establish a strong attorney-client relationship, motivating us to bringing you the optimal result for every ruling.  For all of us who make Eisenstadt, Krippendorf and Galvin, this is an absolute practice of passion.

Our primary goal is to ensure the best resolution for you. You can expect assistance for all associated and related matters of your case from beginning to end. Our Massachusetts attorneys all have years of experience, successfully handling thousands of cases both as prosecutors in the past and defense lawyers today. We are also all published authors on legal issues, known among many in the legal field for our expertise and prowess. We set ourselves among the highest of standards, committing ourselves to providing super services throughout the duration of our entire relationship with our clients—resulting in loyal clients who value our dedication and the results we’ve achieved for them.

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